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Stellantis Ventures launches with €300M fund

Stellantis has launched its first venture capital fund with the creation of Stellantis Ventures. The fund will initially invest €300 million in early and later-stage startup companies developing innovative, customer-centric technologies that could be deployed within the automotive and mobility sector.

We are moving fast in our transformation to a mobility tech company while reimagining the future of mobility for generations to come. The market is changing, the technology is changing, and the way we relate to our customers is changing. Stellantis Ventures will accelerate our transformation as we adopt new technologies developed by innovative startups, while fostering their growth potential.

—Ned Curic, Stellantis Chief Technology Officer

Stellantis Ventures will act as a strategic investor and help startups integrate new technologies within the company in compressed timeframes—allowing the adoption within months versus years. Investments will not only impact Stellantis’ efforts around sustainability, competitiveness, and in-vehicle technology but will also transform customer experiences around vehicle marketing, sales, and finance.


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