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ArcelorMittal investing €300M in Mardyck, France, to produce electrical steels for industry and electromobility

ArcelorMittal will invest more than €300m, with the support of the French government, to create a new production unit for electrical steels at its Mardyck site in the north of France. This investment will create more than 100 direct jobs.

With this new unit, which will specialize in the production of electrical steels for EV motors and which complements ArcelorMittal’s existing electrical steels plant in Saint-Chély d’Apcher, in the south of France, all of the group's electrical steels will be produced in France, strengthening France’s electromobility sector.

The new production unit, which will be located on the existing ArcelorMittal site in Mardyck near Dunkirk, will produce the electrical steels used in electric motors in general (including for industrial machinery) and for electric and hybrid vehicles in particular.

These steels, which are used in engines in the form of stacks of very thin layers (0.2 to 0.35 millimeters for the automotive industry), are characterized by their magnetic and mechanical properties: high polarization to maximize engine performance, low losses to promote vehicle autonomy, and high yield strength to support engine rotation.

The new industrial unit in Mardyck will have a 200,000-tonne production capacity and is scheduled to start up in 2024. It will strengthen the French electromobility sector, which is particularly well established in France, especially in the Hauts de France region and in Dunkirk where numerous industrial projects have been announced in recent months.

As part of this contribution to the electromobility sector, ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels will contribute to achieving the European Union’s goals on the reduction of CO2 emissions from mobility. This project is supported by the French government as part of France 2030.


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