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Ford confirms F-150 Lightning final EPA-estimated ranges; some models with increased range

The all-electric F-150 Lightning has completed final EPA testing; some F-150 Lightning customers will benefit from an increase in range ahead of launch this spring.

F-150 Lightning XLT and Lariat trims with the extended range battery deliver an EPA-estimated range of 320 miles while the F-150 Lightning Platinum has an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles.

Fleet customers have the option to purchase the extended range battery on Lightning Pro and that has an EPA-estimated range of 320 miles.

Model Targeted EPA-estimated Range
Final EPA-estimated Range
F-150 Lightning Pro SR 230 230
F-150 Lightning Pro ER (fleet only) 300 320
F-150 Lightning XLT SR 230 230
F-150 Lightning XLT ER 300 320
F-150 Lightning Lariat SR 230 230
F-150 Lightning Lariat ER 300 320
F-150 Lightning Platinum 280 300

We are laser-focused on continually improving our energy consumption efficiency for Lightning and the team is really happy to deliver these results for our customers.

—Linda Zhang, chief program engineer, F-150 Lightning



All the hypermiling trick, pumping up tires to 60 psi, taping up seems, will not help the average owner. The Cybertruck will have a big aerodynamic advantage.
And when can we dump side view mirrors (especially big truck dumbo mirrors) and replace them with side view cameras to save a lot of EV range? DOT needs to stop taking oil industry bribes.


Cybertruck calculated a drag coefficient is 0.48,
more than double the drag of the Tesla Model 3 (Cd of 0.23).


@GdB: Let's keep Tesla ads out of these forums.

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