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Curb and Uber partner to make taxis available to Uber app users

Curb, a ride-hailing app for licensed taxi and for-hire rides in North America, announced the execution of a strategic partnership agreement with Uber that will enable Curb-connected drivers to receive trip requests from Uber users. The integration will provide wider transportation options for riders and more trips for drivers as the taxi booking option becomes available in the Uber app.

Curb and Uber’s partnership will launch in New York City and will expand to Curb’s nationwide network over the coming months. The integration enables both companies to offer riders and drivers more flexibility and coverage as urban transportation ramps back up in major cities. Taxi drivers will have access to incremental trip offers from Uber on top of the millions of annual ride requests through the Curb app, while Uber users will have more ride options to meet their needs as they travel.

Riders in New York City will be able to book rides in Curb-connected taxis through the Uber app in addition to existing vehicle options provided by Uber. Drivers on the Curb platform will be able to seamlessly receive and accept these Uber trip offers through their existing in-vehicle systems, in addition to Curb app demand and traditional street hails. Curb’s open taxi network is designed from the ground up to reliably connect ride demand from partners to its drivers at scale.

Curb’s platform is designed to provide a distraction-free driver experience via in-taxi apps that aggregate and present ride offers from multiple sources including the Curb app. By being the unified source for driver availability Curb addresses the multi-app challenge and ensures that drivers are not distracted with offers while they are on trips.

The partnership with Uber comes at a time when the Curb platform continues to see growth in demand from app users as well as corporate and third-party demand partners, and as the industry sees a steady return of riders and drivers across the nation. Curb app users will continue to benefit from low, predictable upfront pricing for taxis available directly in the Curb app.


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