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GreenPower launches the Nano BEAST electric Type A school bus

GreenPower Motor Company, a manufacturer and distributor of electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, launched the Nano BEAST: a purpose-built, battery-electric, Type A school bus with a range of up to 150 miles per charge.


GreenPower’s Nano BEAST Type A School Bus

The Nano BEAST’s (Battery Electric Automotive School Transportation) clean-sheet design approach facilitates optimal battery pack placement and weight distribution, allowing the vehicle to accommodate a larger energy supply and deliver a longer. GreenPower says that the Nano BEAST will have the largest standard battery pack for a Type A school bus in the market.

GreenPower developed the Nano BEAST using its EV Star Platform, which has accumulated approximately 200 deliveries throughout North America. This platform has shown its efficiency and reliability in a wide variety of operational settings including paratransit, airport shuttling, micro transit, cargo delivery and vanpool service.

GreenPower also offers the BEAST electric school bus, a Type D bus that seats 90 passengers and has a range of 140 miles with a 194 kWh battery pack.

GreenPower will begin initial deliveries of the Nano BEAST to its customers in the coming months.

There are approximately 9,700 new Type A school buses sold every year and approximately 500,000 yellow school buses running across the country.


Dan Reid

Do you have a model with a wheelchair lift on it? If so, does that operate off a different battery pack or the main vehicle battery? If the latter, how does that affect the 150 mile range when using the wheelchair lift?


They would be/would have been perfect for Thunberg-led School Climate Strikes of course.
The ironic lesson now is that kids get to and from school using green, emission-free collective transport whilst most,er, grown-up teachers and parents still use exhaust-belching combustion cars carrying just one person - the driver - most of the time.
So who are the real teachers, (reluctant) students, slow learners ?
Paul G

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