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Zenlabs Energy, a developer of advanced lithium-ion batteries (earlier post), announced that Energy Assurance, an independent third-party test laboratory, has validated the high specific energy and high-power of Zenlabs’ new large-format pouch cells for the electric aviation market.

Energy Assurance tested Zenlabs’ 32 ampere hour (Ah) capacity pouch cells and confirmed a high specific energy of ~ 327.5 watt hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) and a high-power rating of greater than 3,000 watts per kilogram (W/kg) using 12C rate (~394 A), 30 sec pulses at 30° Celsius.


Available power at various states of charge. Power tested using a 12C rate (~394 A), 30 sec pulses at 30° Celsius. Source: Zenlabs.

Although cycle life testing at Energy Assurance is ongoing, Zenlabs’ internal test data has demonstrated greater than 700 cycles for this cell configuration when measured at 1C (one hour) charge/discharge rates.

Previously, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) validated over 1,000 dynamic stress test (DST) cycles and rapid charging in Zenlabs’ 315 Wh/Kg electric vehicle cells, which were developed in a program with the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC). (Earlier post.)

Energy Assurance is an independent battery laboratory with certifications from ANAB, Underwriters Laboratories, IECEE, SGS and TÜV SÜD America.



In 2032 i will change my car for a hydrogen one or if there is no hydrogen, than a bev with better batteries than the actual ones. Remember than in canada heavy winters are demanding for pure battery cars. maybe a plug-in hybrid if batteries are so-so...

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