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Australia-based hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle manufacturer H2X has entered into a partnership with KTM Technologies to create a lightweight and inexpensive origami chassis. KTM is Europe’s largest motorcycle OEM and a leader in the off-road market.

KTM Technologies will work with the H2X team to design and develop its vehicle chassis and construction programs. KTM Technologies is the innovation and advanced technology hub within the Pierer Mobility Group, the holding company of the KTM family, and specializes in lightweight design, mobility concepts and products.

Our partnership with KTM Technologies is a major milestone in establishing ourselves as a global premium hydrogen vehicle manufacturer. By leveraging the resources of a company with unparalleled capabilities such as KTM, we are not only securing our own future, but the development of an internationally competitive industry based in Australia.

— H2X CEO Brendan Norman/div>

KTM AG is an Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer controlled by Pierer Mobility AG, a company listed in Zurich and Vienna. It was formed in 1992 but traces its foundation to as early as 1934. Today, KTM AG is the parent company of the KTM Group, consisting of the motorcycle brands KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas.

The agreement will see KTM Technologies focus on development of composite and advanced technologies around e-mobility and use its resources and world-renowned engineers to ideate concept solutions for an origami chassis platform, which H2X will use to develop and produce its vehicles in a new cost- and resource-efficient way.

The chassis will use sheet metal folding and welding technologies for a range of light trucks, vans and pick-up vehicles. H2X says the benefit of employing an origami chassis is that it is much easier to produce and maintain and way more flexible for variants than a conventional chassis.

The origami technology allows very efficient and sustainable manufacturing in addition with comparable low invest cost for tooling which is typically a cost driver in typical sheet metal forming process.

KTM Technologies will investigate conceptual solutions for the origami chassis and evaluate which is best suited platform for H2X’s fleet of hydrogen vehicles.

KTM Technologies will analyse the best performing chassis and cabin structure layout, using FEM simulations for the optimization of the architecture. In terms of integration, KTM Technologies is designing and developing the chassis layout to complement the origami chassis approach.

In addition to the structural components of the vehicle, KTM will investigate and develop the best and most sustainable utilisation of eco-friendly materials for the exterior panels, considering the complete product lifecycle.

The approach of KTM Technologies is to implement the most advanced techniques available and foreseeable, and combine it with H2X’s innovative approach with the origami chassis. Related to their Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid approach we see a great opportunity coming in sustainable mobility that we are very excited to play a part in.

KTM Technologies has been a leader now for more than 15 years in lightweight and composite technologies, such as KTM’s revolutionary carbon fibre sports car “X-Bow” and many innovations for our world leading 2-wheeled products. Further on KTM Technologies supported many leading 4-wheeler manufacturers and we continue this leadership through our ”DRIVEN BY THE NEW” mentality to be a continued driver and the leader in this space as the world of Zero Emission Mobility comes to maturity.

—Peter Martin, CEO of KTM Technologies

Further on from this development, KTM Technologies and H2X are working together on a number of other projects including a motorsport venture around Hydrogen which will be announced in the coming months.

Earlier this month, H2X inked an agreement with Sweden’s Renova municipal waste company to provide hydrogen-powered trucks and light vehicles. H2X Global will build the company five commercial vehicles:

  • One 18 tonne back loader truck.
  • One 28 tonne demountable truck .
  • Three 3.5 tonne tail lift vehicles.

The agreement creates an opportunity for H2X Global to grow its operations in Scandinavia and become a prominent producer of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the region.


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