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Toyota investing $383M in US engine production

Toyota will invest $383 million in four of its US manufacturing plants—in Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee—to support the production of four-cylinder engines, including options for hybrid electric vehicles.

Toyota customers want vehicles that are fuel-efficient and electrified. These investments allow us to meet customer needs and quickly respond to an evolving market. We are committed to investing in the U.S., and our teams are ready to take on this new challenge.

—Norm Bafunno, senior vice president, Unit Manufacturing and Engineering, Toyota

Toyota Alabama: Huntsville, Ala., $222 million. Toyota Alabama will create a new four-cylinder production line with the capacity to produce engines for both combustion and hybrid electric powertrains. Additionally, the facility will expand its footprint by 114,000 square feet, which marks the plant’s sixth building expansion since 2003. Toyota Alabama has the capacity to build 900,000 engines annually and represents a nearly $1.5-billion investment.


Toyota Alabama Twin Turbo V6 line

Toyota Kentucky: Georgetown, Ky., $16 million. Toyota Kentucky is expanding flexibility of the four-cylinder engine line announced last fall, which will better position the plant to meet customer demand. The plant’s powertrain facility can produce up to 600,000 units annually. Toyota Kentucky is the company’s largest plant globally, producing seven Toyota and Lexus models, as well as four-cylinder and six-cylinder powertrains. Overall, the plant represents an $8.5-billion investment.

Toyota Missouri: Troy, Mo., $109 million. Toyota Missouri’s investment provides new equipment to build four-cylinder engine heads on three production lines. The plant has the capacity to build more than 3 million cylinder heads annually and represents a $564-million investment.

Toyota Tennessee: Jackson, Tenn., $36 million. Toyota Tennessee will update equipment to build new four-cylinder engine blocks. The plant has the capacity to produce more than 2 million engine blocks annually and represents a $425 million investment.

Toyota’s Commitment to the US. Last year, Toyota announced new investments totaling $5.1 billion into its US manufacturing operations to support electrification efforts, demonstrating its commitment to building where it sells and supporting local economies.

Toyota’s US plants produce half of the vehicles it sells in the US, and its North American assembly facilities produce more than three-quarters (76%) of the vehicles it sells in the US.



Not a good move; but, it shows how successful the fossil fuel lobby has been in convincing U.S. drivers to continue driving dirty gassers. The U.S. may be the last large country to transition to BEVs because of this successful misinformation campaign.


Some people, and apparently Toyota, cannot interpret "the writing on the wall" correctly.

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