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Morrow Batteries (Morrow) and IBU-tec advanced materials AG have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development and qualification of large-scale supply of European LFP (Lithium iron phosphate, LiFePO4) cathode material to Morrow Batteries’ planned lithium-ion battery cell facility in Eyde Energy Park, Arendal, Norway.

IBU-tec would supply up to 200 t per year of LFP cathode material to Morrow’s pilot plant. IBU-tec will supply the first batches of its IBUvolt family of LFP battery material for current year testing. During this phase, both companies intend to work together on the development of high-performance batteries for various applications. Long-term, both companies anticipate a rapidly growing market for a sustainable, European-production based battery materials supply chain.

In IBU-tec’s LFP manufacturing proces the raw materials first undergo spray-drying. After refinement in the rotary kiln, only a milling with comparatively low specific energy input and short residence time is needed. Protective screens and magnetic separators remove any impurities and ensure product quality.

The coarser-grained particles of the LFP 400 can provide performance advantages over the widely used LFP 200. The particularly round particle shape enables more uniform charging processes and contributes to higher battery power densities. A combination of IBUvolt LFP200 and IBUvolt LFP400 enables a more homogeneous coating of cathodes, the company says.

IBU-tec first offered its LFP 400 battery material in October 2021 and can now fulfill the first major orders. The company is presently the only manufacturer in Europe producing and supplying LFP battery materials.

IBU-tec is already working on additional further developments of its LFP product line, including a mixture with manganese (LMFP). It can thus offer customers a wide range of different cathode active materials which are not based on nickel-manganese-cobalt compounds (NMC) and thus do without rare, expensive, and ecologically damaging materials.

Morrow Batteries is committed to developing and manufacturing the world’s most cost-effective and sustainable battery cells. The company’s vision is to enable and accelerate the transition to green energy through smart cell chemistries and energy-saving cell production processes. In southern Norway, Morrow is currently building a 43 GWh Gigafactory powered by 100% renewable hydropower to produce batteries with the lowest possible CO2 footprint in the world.

Morrow Batteries was founded in 2020 by dedicated owners and management. Leading investors are Agder Energi Venture, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Agder Energi, NOAH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gjelsten Holding, and the Danish pension fund PKA.


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