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EMT, the public bus operator in the City of Madrid, has ordered 60 Urbino 12 electric buses from Solaris, featuring high energy batteries and pantograph charging which will ensure high operability in all kinds of conditions. The contract value is more than €30 million.


EMT Madrid intends to turn 25% of its fleet electric by 2025 and to have no more diesel engine bus operating in the streets of Madrid from 2023. In 2021 Solaris secured an order for 250 natural gas-powered buses after winning the tender.

The electric Solaris vehicles the Madrid operator has opted for be equipped with 400 kWh battery packs, which will ensure an adequate range and operability of the buses for the metropolis. Batteries can be recharged by means of an inverted pantograph, or conventionally via a standard plug-in connector. The drive unit of the vehicles will be a 180 kW central motor.

The 12-meter Solaris buses will fit more than 80 passengers including 25 seated ones. The driver’s cabin will be of the closed-off type, with tall glass screens. Enhanced visibility will be ensured by cameras replacing side mirrors, transmitting images on screens inside the vehicle. Among many other advantages, the innovative design of MirrorEye will allow the width of the vehicle to be reduced, something of importance in the busy urban space of Madrid.

Solaris has been present in Spain for more than 10 years now. Nearly 450 buses made by Solaris currently ply routes in Spanish cities; three-quarters of these are vehicles featuring a zero-emission or a low-emission drive.

Solaris is a European leader in the sale and manufacture of environmentally friendly buses and currently leads in Europe in terms of the production of electric and hydrogen buses.


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