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WeRide, a Level 4 autonomous driving technology company, announced a strategic investment from Bosch. The two parties have signed a strategic cooperation agreement and will jointly develop autonomous driving (AD) software. This cooperation will accelerate the process of developing Bosch China’s advanced driving solution, moving SAE Level 2-3 AD towards mass production.

WeRide ONE software that provides a high level of flexibility to achieve autonomous driving capabilities from SAE Level 2 to 4. Based on WeRide ONE and the advanced driving solution from Bosch China, the two parties will jointly develop data-driven intelligent driving software to provide OEM customers in the Chinese market with faster and better service and deliver SAE Level 2-3 advanced intelligent driving experiences covering various scenarios such as urban, highway, and elevated roads in China.

Developed by Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions China, the advanced driving solution is an intelligent driving system solution tailored for the Chinese market which comprises key technical elements such as centralized computing platforms, sensors, software applications, and cloud services. It has been designed with a future-proof scalable architecture.

The solution is fully equipped with system-level safety designs encompassing functional safety, cybersecurity, and safety of the intended functionality, and sets out rigorous requirements for both software and hardware development processes, as well as the verification and release of systems.

Adhering to the long-term development strategy of “Local for Local,” Bosch China continues to invest and innovate locally in key technical areas of automotive electronics and software.

WeRide’s AD technology has been verified with more than 11 million kilometers of AD test driving on open roads. WeRide’s Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving fleets comprise Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan and Robo Street Sweeper. The four products are tested and operated day and night, traveling everywhere from central business districts (CBDs) to urban villages, from tunnels to highways, and in sunny, rainy, and snowy weather conditions.


WeRide Robo Street Sweepers

With the increased adoption of intelligent driving technologies in new vehicles, advanced driving solutions are shaping up to be the next blue ocean for the industry. Bosch has built deep know-how in engineering R&D and technical services in this field, along with its deep-rooted local presence and experience in volume production. WeRide brings to the table its innovative capabilities in autonomous driving technology R&D, product innovation, and operation services. The cooperation between the two parties is set to accelerate the volume production of advanced intelligent driving solutions, and deliver a safer, more comfortable, and smarter driving experience in China.

—Li Yin, the president of Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions, China


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