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Holcim orders 10 Hyliion Hypertruck ERX Class 8 trucks

Hyliion Holdings Corp. announced that building solutions company Holcim US has ordered 10 units backed by deposits to secure Hypertruck ERX production slots. The trucks will replace existing diesel fuel vehicles supporting cement and concrete operations in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as for the transport of roofing materials.


The Hypertruck ERX is an electric powertrain that is recharged by an onboard natural gas generator for Class 8 commercial trucks that aims to provide lower operating costs, emissions reductions, and superior performance. Each Hyliion electric vehicle is estimated to reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 89% when using renewable natural gas (RNG).


Hyliion’s mission is to facilitate major change in commercial trucking, a notoriously large contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, and we intend to achieve that with the Hypertruck ERX—a solution that supports the environmental goals of sustainability-minded fleets without sacrificing their business needs.

—Thomas Healy, Founder and CEO of Hyliion

Hyliion’s electrified powertrain solutions are designed to be installed on most major Class 8 commercial trucks.



A great idea if there was only enough Renewable Natural Gas available for all of the uses proposed for it. I expect that the trucks will mostly use fossil fuel natural gas. Even this would not be to bad if the trucks were being sold as plug in hybrids with enough battery for about 100 miles of urban usage.


RNG can be used to make jet fuel



RNG could be used for many things if we had enough of it. I think that most of this is "green washing" by the fossil fuel industry that just wants to keep selling natural gas.

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