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Argonne hosting webinar on profitably recycling EV batteries; EverBatt tool

Argonne National Laboratory will host a public webinar on the challenges of recycling Li-ion batteries and possible solutions. Qiang Dai, sustainability analyst at Argonne, will show how anyone can measure the costs of recycling lithium-ion batteries and how the process affects the environment with Argonne’s free EverBatt tool.

EverBatt is an Excel-based model that evaluates cost and environmental impacts for the various lifecycle stages of a lithium-ion battery. It can be used to compare impacts of virgin batteries to those with recycled content, to compare processes, and to identify sensitivities to various parameters.

Date and time
Wed, 29 June 2022
1:00 PM – 1:15 PM CDT


In 2020, more than 1.7 million electric vehicles were on US roads. Experts expect 15 million EVs in the US by 2030. Eventually, millions of tons of lithium-ion batteries that power those cars will reach their end of life.

Recycling lithium-ion batteries can present an economic challenge, but the US Department of Energy’s ReCell Center aims to change that by creating new ways to recycle old batteries. One of the best ways is to retain a battery cathode’s structure. This can cut costs by nearly one-third while using almost two-thirds less energy.


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