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Scania introduces new generation of electric trucks for regional long-haul

Scania is introducing complete BEV-based solutions for regional long-haul. The new generation, available with R or S sleeper cabs, is part of a complete solution. With 624 kWh of batteries installed, Scania provides the means for a major shift regarding electric trucks and their operability in regional long-haul operations.



Scania’s new BEV truck generation is based on classic Scania cornerstones such as modularity, sustainability and a total operating economy with the potential to match or even exceed what can be expected from conventional trucks. The latest electric Scania trucks are accompanied by all the support with operational factors and services that make them complete solutions, with charging, finance, insurance and maintenance all in place.

With the new Scania trucks, customers will be able to operate rigids or tractor-and-trailer combinations such as temperature-controlled food transports. Ranges vary with weight, configuration and topography, but a 4x2 tractor with six batteries can expect up to 350 km (217 miles) between each charging, with an average speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) on highways. Fixed routes that provide for planned charging at the home depot or at the destination are most favorable. Opportunity charging during the driver’s mandatory 45 minutes rest will of increase the operative range.

The new Scania BEV trucks can initially be ordered as 4x2 tractors or as 6x2*4 rigids. A 4x2 tractor will need an axle distance of 4,150 mm when carrying six batteries, thus benefiting from the Increased Vehicle Dimension regulation in Europe. Gross train weights up to 64 tons, as per the typical Nordic combination, can be specified. 

The charging capability is up to 375 kW, which means that an hour of charging will add some 270 to 300 km of range, as a rule of thumb. The continuous power output level for a Scania 45 R or S is 410 kW (equivalent to some 560 hp). The next-level Scania electrified trucks can now be ordered by taking up a dialogue with Scania representatives, and production will commence in Q4 2023.



624 kwh and fast charging at 0.5-1C...these are good specs for an electric semi, a step in the right direction at least!
Unfortunately, no info on the lifespan of the battery or price of the truck. Competing with BYD and Tesla is going to be though.


Scania is a major truck brand in Europe and will probably sell quite well. Tesla?? So far, the Tesla Semi has been all hype and no production. The Nikola Tre BEV might be competition as it is based on the IVECO which is another well know European brand.


Tesla is always late, but also Tesla always delivers (well, FSD could be an exception to that, lol). Also, Tesla delivers, but usually the price is higher than announced.

Scania and Volvo are not publishing prices, which I suspect are probably very high.
Both companies lack their own battery production lines, and lack the expertise in batteries and high power electronics.

I am not sure they will be able to compete with BYD and Tesla.

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