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Chevron, Cummins team on renewable natural gas engine demonstration with Walmart

Chevron USA, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, announced definitive agreements to supply fuel linked to renewable natural gas for a Walmart Inc. demonstration of Cummins’s new 15-liter natural gas engine for heavy-duty trucks (earlier post).

As part of the agreements, Walmart will provide heavy-duty trucks for Cummins to integrate with the new 15-liter natural gas engine, the X15N, which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). After taking delivery, Walmart will field-test the finished trucks at its distribution center in Fontana, California, with Chevron supplying the trucks with CNG linked to renewable natural gas.

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Renewable natural gas is produced when biomethane from decomposing organic matter—such as cow manure or landfill waste—is captured, treated and placed into the natural gas network. Uncaptured methane is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Chevron has partnerships with Brightmark LLC and California Bioenergy LLC to produce renewable natural gas from dairy farms, which under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard can qualify as carbon negative on a lifecycle basis. Chevron will be responsible for linking the renewable natural gas to the CNG dispensed by Walmart into its natural gas trucks.

Chevron has positioned itself to help major fleet operators like Walmart in their efforts to decarbonize their transportation operations through the use of CNG linked to renewable natural gas. As we continue to rapidly grow our renewable natural gas business, we aim to leverage the power of our partnerships to the benefit of new and existing customers who seek lower carbon transportation solutions.

—Andy Walz, president of Americas Fuels & Lubricants for Chevron

In September 2021, Chevron and Cummins expanded their memorandum of understanding to include new strategic priorities relating to renewable natural gas, with an initial focus on making the transition to natural gas engines easier for fleets by improving fuel availability while allowing them to lower the lifecycle carbon intensity of their operations.



renewable natural gas...yes
I would use all we have to make jet fuel


99% of jet fuel is no a necessity for the economy.

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