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Newly created Basquevolt, the Basque solid-state battery initiative, will begin production of battery cells in 2027 with the aim of reaching 10GWh capacity. Basquevolt founding shareholders include the Basque Government, through the venture capital fund Ezten, Iberdrola, CIE Automotive, Enagás, EIT InnoEnergy and CIC energiGUNE.

Basquevolt is supported by an investment of more than €700 million. The first phase of Basquevolt will be based at the Alava Technology Park, in the Marie Curie Building , located just a few meters from CIC energiGUNE.

Basquevolt’s technology is based on the use of a composite electrolyte patented by the Basque center. The company’s initial targets are the development of prototype cells and a pilot production line in 2025, with the ambition to start production in 2027.

Basquevolt aims to become the European leader in solid-state batteries. Specifically, Basquevolt aims to develop—in a sustainable way—the best materials and battery cells to enable the mass deployment of electric transport, stationary energy storage—including hybridization with hydrogen-gas systems—and advanced portable devices.


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