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Toyota is conducting a safety recall of 2023 model year bZ4X EVs. Approximately 2,700 units of the EV are affected globally, with 2,200 in Europe, 260 vehicles in the US, 10 for Canada and 110 for Japan, the company said. Toyota began selling the EV, co-developed with Subaru, earlier this year. (Earlier post.)

After low-mileage use, all of the hub bolts on the wheel can loosen to the point where the wheel can detach from the vehicle. If a wheel detaches from the vehicle while driving, it could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash, Toyota explained.

Subaru said it was globally recalling about 2,600 units of its version of the EV, the Solterra, for the same reason.

The cause of the issue and the driving patterns under which this issue could occur are still under investigation, Toyota said. No one should drive these vehicles until the remedy is performed, Toyota emphasized.

No remedy is available at this time. Until the remedy is available, any authorized Toyota US dealer will pick up the vehicle and provide a loaner vehicle free of charge to the owner.

Owners of involved vehicles in the US are being notified through a number of communication channels.



This is almost amusing. Toyota which many consider to be a manufacturer of highly reliable vehicles can not even keep the wheels on their new cars. Wheel studs and lug nuts are not exactly new technology. I might understand if they were having problems with cutting edge technology but lug nuts??

Roger Pham

Perhaps Toyota is conforming to a "Gentlemen's Agreement" with higher power, restraining Toyota from producing too many Plug-in EV's. That's why we see so few PHEV's produced by Toyota in spite of huge demand and waiting lists.


Roger, I do not understand what the nature of this "Gentlemen's Agreement" would be. To me it just looks like they are inept. Also, I thought that they were trying to push their PHEVs even as California and other states are going to prohibit the sale of all light vehicles with IC engines by 2035.

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