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The Danish Board of Business Development (Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse) is granting up to DKK 88.8 million (US$12.6 million) to a partnership between Topsoe, Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) and Aarhus University (AU) to support innovation activities related to upscaling and globally deploying Topsoe’s Power-to-X SOEC electrolysis technology. Topsoe is to receive up to DKK 80.3 million (US$11.3 million) of the total grant sum.

The award was part of a larger DKK 255 million (US$36 million) set of awards to 14 projects supporting the development of the Power-to-X and hydrogen area in Denmark.

The Topsoe project, “Upscaling key Power-to-X SOEC electrolysis solutions (SOEC upscale)” aims to optimize the production processes associated with the production of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC) electrolysis technology, which can operate at a much higher efficiency than conventional electrolysis technologies.

The project consists of four main activities:

  1. “Manufacturing methods suitable for early upscaling” focuses on technology maturation;

  2. “Maturation of SOEC technology” has aimed at increasing the performance and longevity of the cell, which is the backbone in SOEC electrolysis technology;

  3. Verification of SOEC electrolysis technology on a large scale” must determine how the cell, the stack and core operate in electrolysis mode; and

  4. Power-to-X system integration and verification” aims to integrate SOEC electrolysis technology in PtX systems as well as testing the technology in connection with the production of methanol, ammonia and aviation fuel.

In the light of the ambitious Danish Power-to-X strategy and EU’s green hydrogen goals, which have now increased the demand for electrolyzers with the recent REPowerEU, Topsoe recently announced its intention to build the world’s most advanced industrial scale electrolyzer production facility to speed up commercial-size Power-to-X. The production facility will be able to support the GW-size green hydrogen projects that many developers have at the planning stage.

Power-to-X technology will play a central role in the green transition, and right now we see a strong momentum for green energy solutions throughout Europe. At Topsoe, we are pioneering the Power-to-X landscape with our SOEC technology offering 30% higher efficiency than remaining technologies and even at a lower cost, and we are extremely happy to receive the support and trust from the Danish Board of Business Development to further this technology and pave the way for a faster deployment of Power-to-X nationally and globally.

—Topsoe CEO, Roeland Baan

The funding from the Danish Board of Business Development is the first phase in funding Topsoe’s scale up activities in Power-to-X. Further national and international funding is necessary for the ambitious goals of Denmark and the Danish Power-to-X strategy, Topsoe said.


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