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Phillips 66 applies for LCFS pathway for renewable diesel with CI of 25.46 gCO2e/MJ

Phillips 66 Company has applied for a California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Tier 2 fuel pathway for Renewable Diesel derived from distiller’s corn oil which is processed along with soybean oil and canola oil at its facility in Rodeo, California.

The Rodeo facility produces renewable diesel as a primary product and renewable naphtha and renewable propane/light hydrocarbons (off gases) as co-products.

Phillips 66 began production of renewable diesel fuel from various vegetable oils at its Rodeo Refinery in April 2021. The Rodeo facility has an adjacent rail receiving facility owned by NuStar, which is the normal means of receiving distiller’s corn oil for ongoing operations.

The production process uses hydrogen for hydrotreating as well as electricity, natural gas, steam and off gases as process energy. The carbon intensity (CI) of the proposed pathway is 25.46 gCO2e/MJ



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