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Gevo closes on Net-Zero 1 production facility land; fall groundbreaking

Gevo has closed on the purchase of approximately 245 acres near Lake Preston, South Dakota for its first commercial scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) facility, Net-Zero 1. The site, initially optioned for purchase by Gevo in December of 2020, is very favorable for producing low-carbon SAF.

Gevo expects to break ground on the project in September of 2022, with the formal announcement of a groundbreaking event for state and local representatives, and select members of the media, coming next month.

The associated wind energy project that will provide electricity to the facility is in development. This project schedule should allow Gevo to begin delivery of initial volumes of SAF in 2025 to fulfill a portion of existing supply agreements. Net-Zero 1 is expected to produce 55 MGPY of SAF, or 62 MGPY of total hydrocarbon volumes.


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