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bp opens its first 300 kW ultra-fast charging station for electric trucks

bp has opened its first ultra-fast-charging facilities aimed at medium and heavy-duty electric trucks. Operated by bp’s Aral brand, the retail site at Schwegenheim in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany now has two 300 kW ultra-fast chargers intended for electric trucks, powered by 100% renewable energy.


Situated on the major B9 road, the Schwegenheim site provides truck drivers with a convenient, safe, well-lit station where an electric truck capable of charging at 300 kW could increase its remaining range by around 150-200 km during a driver’s mandatory 45-minute break. The driver has access to additional services such as food and drink for their journeys, as well as toilets.

In 2021 around 1,000 battery electric trucks were sold in Germany. In Europe that number is expected to reach more than 150,000 units by 2030 with the highest penetration in Germany, at 43%v.

Daimler Truck, based in Germany and one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, launched the battery-electric Mercedes-Benz eActros for heavy urban distribution in 2021. The company has worked closely with bp to provide insights into the required layout, charging speeds, and convenience offers to provide truck drivers with the accessibility they need and a comfortable charging experience.



Seems a bit low for trucks. Batteries for semis will be (probably) north of 500 kwh.
Tesla is designing truck chargers on the 1 MW range.


You can only charge as fast as the packs can


...but nearly all li-ion modern batteries can charge at 1C or faster (at least to 80%=)...and most of those upcoming truck batteries are bigger than 300 kwh.

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