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Siemens and ConnectDER partner to provide home EV charging directly through meter socket

ConnectDER, the developer of a meter collar that integrates between the home’s electric meter socket and the meter itself, will supply Siemens with a proprietary plug-in adapter for electric vehicle chargers. The new device will enable electric vehicle (EV) owners to charge EVs by connecting chargers directly through the meter socket, a convenient and efficient location available on every home.

By bypassing a home's electric service panel, the adapter will save an estimated 60 to 80% of the charger installation cost by avoiding the need for electric panel upgrades.


Based on ConnectDER's innovative sensing and controlling adapter platform, this new EV home-charging technology will be designed and manufactured by ConnectDER exclusively for Siemens. By allowing for a simple, 15-minute EV charger install, the technology eliminates the need for complex and prohibitively expensive installations. 

Nearly half of US home panels would need upgrades to allow the installation of a typical Level 2 charger, typically a 7-11kW device requiring 40-60 Amps on a 240V line. This is a major roadblock for EV adoption, especially for low-and moderate-income homeowners. The adapter will be offered exclusively through Siemens.


Siemens is a global leader in EV charging solutions, and its procurement of ConnectDER’s meter adapter technology is the latest in the company’s strategic plan to meet growing EV demand and increase transportation electrification job opportunities at all levels in the United States. Siemens eMobility solutions include AC and DC chargers deployed in all 50 states that range from in-home chargers to depots to charging infrastructure systems that power electrified bus lines in some of the largest cities in the country.

According to a recent report by Juniper Research, home EV charging integration is expected to grow by some 390% over the next five years. Largely driven by lower cost and convenience, the market for home chargers is expected to exceed $16 billion in 2026, up from $3.4 billion in 2021. However, the pace of EV growth has left electricians and homeowners struggling to keep up and to find cost-effective solutions for integrating into older homes.

Another recent survey, identifies the average age of an American home at about 40 years, with homes in the Northeast averaging over 60 years. Most of those homes were built when the demand for electric service rarely exceeded 100 Amps. According to energy research firm, Pecan Street, service panel upgrades are frequently required to support the additional energy demand of new electric products such as EVs, heat-pumps, and other smart appliances, representing a $100-billion impediment to residential electrification and the energy transition.

ConnectDER’s innovative meter adapter platform helps bridge that gap, especially for underserved low and moderate income populations that more frequently live in older homes.



This is a really smart idea! Wish I had thought of it..

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