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Tritium and EVCS to deploy additional 300 new EV fast chargers in California, Oregon, and Washington

Tritium DCFC is partnering with EVCS, an EV fast-charging network operator on the West Coast, to deploy 300 new chargers across California, Oregon, and Washington. The order consists of 300 50kW Tritium RTM fast chargers, making the total Tritium DC fast charger contribution to the EVCS network more than 800.

EVCS aims to enhance the accessibility of public fast charging both by simplifying complex pricing and increasing location coverage. With plans to reach 1,500 chargers by the end of 2023, EVCS’s carbon neutral network and unlimited subscription charging plan will provide an increasing number of public charging options and savings to EV drivers.

In November 2021, Tritium and EVCS announced an agreement to add more than 500 DC fast chargers to EVCS’ network, many of which have already been installed as a part of the upgrade of the West Coast Electric Highway. Building on this initial investment, the new fast chargers will be installed in high-traffic areas, including retail locations and transit centers, underserved communities where access to chargers is limited, and near highways and tourist centers. The collaboration significantly contributes to EVCS’ network growth, with plans to extend service to more than 35 new cities across California, Oregon, and Washington as well as increase charger density in existing EVCS communities.

Tritium recently unveiled a new project with the Motor Fuel Group Forecourt Network that would deploy more than 100 DC fast chargers in the United Kingdom and overall support the country in the movement toward a cleaner environment. The company also announced its largest global manufacturing facility will open in Tennessee. Earlier this month, EVCS announced a new raise of $68.8 million that will go toward helping the company expand its charging network services throughout the West Coast and ultimately assist EVCS in achieving its goal to double its network footprint by 2023.


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