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The powertrain of the all-new Megane E-TECH Electric was fully developed by the Alliance. Produced in Japan for Nissan and in France for Renault, this powertrain features an innovative new oil cooling system for the wound rotor synchronous motor.

Electric motors must have an excellent cooling system in order to be efficient. We therefore worked with our colleagues in both Japan and Cléon, France, to develop two patented innovations. The first of those patents covers the oil cooling system for our wound rotor synchronous motor. We fitted injectors in strategic places to splash the electric wound rotor motor while simultaneously cooling both the rotor and the stator. The second patented innovation covers a clever technique that enables us to harness the rotor’s momentum, using a ring gear system to accentuate stator cooling by projecting oil towards the heads.

—Fabrice Bernardin, Head of the e-technology work unit at Renault’s Engineering Department


Drive unit

The new oil cooling system combines simple and efficient technical solutions to keep the motor of the Megane E-TECH Electric at an optimal temperature. Advantages of the cooling system include:

  • Increased efficiency due to the strategic placement of 4 injectors to splash the electrical circuit where needed while cooling the electric engine’s rotor (moving component) and stator (fixed component).

  • A more compact unit the mass of which has been reduced by 33% compared to the previous generation of electric motors; the reduction in mass contributes to lower energy consumption.

  • Enhanced driving pleasure with smooth and dynamic acceleration and reversing in all situations, as well as greater engine power over long periods of accelerator operation, even at high speeds on the motorway.


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