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In 2021, the Electrify America charging network registered more than 1.45 million customer charging sessions in Canada and the US—five times the customer charging sessions over 2020. In January 2021, Electrify America launched a Roaming EV Test Fleet program to conduct intensive field tests of the network.

The company deploys nine teams of inspectors who complete a full checklist to ensure the chargers will provide a quality experience. The inspectors utilize a fleet of electric vehicles to perform charging tests.


In addition, they inspect the stations to ensure all equipment and aesthetics are in top working order including the chargers themselves, power cabinets, transformers, lighting, EV charging parking stencil signage and more.

Each of the 3,500 plus individual ultra-fast chargers at 800 plus charging stations in the US and Canada are tested almost every two months—more than 20,000 tests of chargers per year.

Electrify America also runs a Center of Excellence Test Lab that works to optimize the customer experience and anticipate the needs of the electric mobility future. The Center of Excellence technology team is able to test network updates, new charging standards, new and existing software / hardware, and the charging capabilities of pre-production and prototype electric vehicles prior to market launch, as well as diagnose and solve issues seen on the networks in the US and Canada.

The test lab is testing and optimizing the latest ultra-fast charging technology, with new and prototype EVs from automakers.


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