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California ARB selects nonprofit administrator to implement new statewide, income-based Electric Bicycle Incentive Project

Following a competitive grant solicitation, the California Air Resources Board has chosen San Diego-based nonprofit organization Pedal Ahead as the administrator to implement California’s statewide Electric Bicycle Incentive Project. The equity-focused program is expected to launch officially in the first quarter of 2023.

The goal is to encourage adoption of electric bicycles as a replacement for in-town motor vehicle trips by helping low-income Californians afford to purchase e-bikes. Details of the new program, including the structure for incentives, continue to be discussed and developed through a public process.

In 2020, Pedal Ahead piloted a program in San Diego County that prioritized e-bike distributions to low-income individuals and tracked average daily miles used to ensure benefits to individual physical health, as well as reduced car trips which lead to air pollution emissions reductions, and less traffic and congestion. The organization distributed nearly 400 bicycles throughout underserved communities in San Diego County amounting to 225,000 bicycle miles.

Among the possible criteria being examined for the program are income eligibility, electric bike types, retail support, educational needs, and other factors.

The state Legislature allocated $10 million for CARB to create an Electric Bicycle Incentives Project to help people afford to purchase electric bicycles.


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