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Tritium DCFC Limited opened its first US-based EV fast charger manufacturing facility, located in Lebanon, Tennessee. The facility will employ more than 500 Tennesseans over the next five years.


Tritium’s Tennessee facility will initially produce the company’s award-winning RTM fast charger, and is expected to start production on the PKM150 early next year. The PKM150 is the first charger in the PKM line and the first charger that enables Tritium’s shared power system, designed to reduce customers’ capital investment while maintaining high charger availability and power output to EVs.

These advanced DC fast chargers are compatible with all EVs, are compact, reliable, and cost effective, and are expected to fulfill requirements for the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).



AC/DC conversion uniquely occurs in a centralized rectification unit allowing the site to be over-subscribed.

Additionally, Tritium’s PKM150 fast charger is expected to meet Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Buy America Act standards in Q1 2023, making that fast charger a candidate for National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program funding.

The PKM150 chargers mark a significant improvement in EV charging technology, providing customers with flexibility when creating charging sites. Customers can connect up to four PKM150 fast chargers to one power cabinet, saving money on equipment, installation, maintenance, and more.

The PKM line of chargers are created with swappable modules saving customers time on easy maintenance and upgradeability, which enables technicians to replace modules in just minutes. This flexibility gives customers the ability to choose between 100kW or 150kW of dual-cable charging station power depending on their business needs.


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