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BYD (China) and Castrol sign strategic collaboration agreement; EV fluids

Castrol and BYD (China), one of China’s largest manufacturers of electric vehicles (BEVs), have signed a new three-year strategic collaboration agreement. BYD sold almost 600,000 BEVs last year, plans to increase this to a million units in 2022, and is actively promoting exports to more than 60 countries. BYD (China) will use Castrol ON advanced EV fluids in their growing range of electric vehicles.

The agreement follows existing first-fill and service-fill supply arrangements that commenced last year.

As part of the latest agreement and based on testing, BYD (China) will officially recommend the use of Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid within its Han luxury flagship car. The mid-size electric sedan, which has a driving range of up to 376 miles (605 km), is one of the most popular plug-in cars in China, with more than 150,000 units sold since its launch in 2020. Joint marketing activities between the two companies will highlight the benefits of Castrol ON products in China, the largest EV market in the world.

BYD (China) will promote Castrol ON products in its online stores, aftersales centres and across its dealer network in China. Both companies will use co-branded assets to market the products in a series of service campaigns designed to inform car owners about the benefits of using EV-specific lubricants. BYD (China) was the first global automaker to launch Castrol ON EV products across its aftersales operations in January 2021.

Castrol and BYD (China) have a long-standing relationship, and this is an important milestone in the development of Castrol’s new energy business in China. This strategic cooperation with BYD (China) will help us pursue EV opportunities in both first-fill and service-fill, underpinning Castrol’s leading position in the China EV market.

—Mike Zhang, Vice President Castrol China

The cooperation agreement will also see BYD (China) promote the use of Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid by the brand’s New Energy Vehicle (NEV) racing team competing in the China Rally Championship (CRC).

The Castrol ON range includes EV Transmission Fluids, EV Thermal Fluids and EV Greases that help with the mainstream adoption of EVs by helping them go further, charge faster and last longer. Advanced EV Transmission Fluids deliver enhanced protection of the drivetrain and improves efficiency. Castrol EV Thermal Fluids help keep batteries cooler, even in extreme conditions, and this enables ultra-fast charging; while its EV Greases play a vital role in maintaining optimum efficiency and extending the life of vehicle components.



Currently, EVs use three fluids: brake fluid, coolant, and lubricant.
EV makers are working on developing electric brake systems that use no brake fluid and air cooling systems that will replace radiators.
EVs are rather simple to maintain and some believe will result in a more long lasting chassis where, outside of tire changes, suspension component replacements and lubrications', restoration to normal operation is mostly a process of replacing 'black boxes.'

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