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CATL in 5-year agreements with ZEEKR, SERES; EVs to be powered by Qilin CTP batteries

CATL announced 5-year cooperation agreements with ZEEKR and SERES, with both EV makers announcing that mass-produced Qilin batteries—based on the third generation of CATL’s cell-to-pack technology (earlier post)—will power upcoming EV models.

ZEEKR 009 will be the world’s first car with Qilin inside, and ZEEKR 001 will be the world’s first model equipped with Qilin batteries. Qilin batteries will power all SERES Aito models.

With a record-breaking volume utilization efficiency of 72% and an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg, Qilin batteries achieve the highest system integration level worldwide so far, capable of delivering a range of more than 1,000 km.


Moreover, by adopting large-surface cell cooling technology, Qilin supports a hot start in 5 minutes and fast charging in 10 minutes. With the same chemical system and the same pack size, it can deliver 13% more power than the 4680 battery, accomplishing an all-round improvement in range, fast-charging, safety, service life, efficiency and low-temperature performance.


ZEEKR 009 with Qilin inside will be delivered in Q1 2023, and ZEEKR 001 Qilin edition will be rolled out in Q2 2023, said An Conghui, CEO of ZEEKR.



What does “hot start” mean in this case?


Maybe heating the battery when the car has been left in the cold, in order to let you start the car and drive?


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