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Power management company Eaton’s eMobility business has introduced a single-stage vent valve for electrified vehicle (EV) batteries. The valve acts as an overpressure relief for the vehicle’s battery pack.

As the electrified vehicle market continues to grow, battery packs are becoming progressively more powerful and create more heat. OEMs are designing new safety systems to ease the impact of thermal events. Our new battery vent valve is designed to enable rapid overpressure release in the battery pack.Jens Buhlinger, manager, Battery Technology Development, Eaton’s Vehicle Group

A battery pack thermal runaway situation can occur when individual cells inside the unit fail due to physical impact or short circuit. Eaton’s single-stage battery vent valve can be precisely and flexibly designed to meet specific opening pressures and optimize venting.

Battery Vent Valve Assembled View 6k_081222_205pm

EV battery emergency venting valve

The valve’s proven resealing technology allows Eaton’s customers to specify very low opening pressures and testing for 100% functionality compared with the conventional burst-valve technology commonly used in the market today.

Our new battery vent valve features an easily assembled quick-connect technology, reducing complexity for battery pack manufacturers while ensuring a robust connection that stays in place. Our quick-connect feature was developed based on proven technologies from our more than 30 years of experience in safety-critical fuel emissions venting.

—Jens Buhlinger

Eaton plans to add new technologies to its battery safety offerings, including a dual-stage valve that incorporates all the features of the single-stage version as well as humidity management solutions for inside EV battery packs.


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