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Mercedes-Benz Trucks showcases new applications for eActros for heavy-duty distribution transport

Following the market launch of the eActros 300/400 for heavy-duty distribution in 2021, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is not only consistently pushing ahead with the introduction of further battery electric models for this and the coming years, but also focusing on even more diversity and flexibility in applications for the eActros itself. At this year’s IAA Transportation in Hanover, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is showcasing a wide range of new applications for the eActros. As a tractor unit for heavy-duty distribution transport, for example, it is available with an electric power take-off solution for hookloaders and skiploaders.


Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 tractor

How Mercedes-Benz Trucks is expanding the application variants of the eActros consistently is demonstrated, for example, by the eActros 300 as a tractor. Production launch is planned for the second half of 2023. Particularly suitable for flexible use in heavy-duty distribution transport, the electric truck is based on the same technology as the eActros 300 as a solo vehicle or articulated train. The vehicle with an M cab can tow all common European semitrailers, taking into account the maximum permissible overall towing length.

The two liquid-cooled electric motors installed in the eActros generate a continuous output of 330 kW and a peak output of 400 kW. The batteries consist of either three (eActros 300) or four battery packs (eActros 400), each of which offers an installed capacity of 112 kWh and a usable capacity of around 97 kWh.

With four battery packs, the eActros 400 has a range of up to 400 kilometers. The battery-powered tractor can be charged with up to 160 kW: The three battery packs take just over an hour to charge from 20 to 80 percent at a standard DC fast-charging station with 400 A charging current.

As with all eActros models, the safety equipment includes the external Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System in accordance with legal requirements; the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist with pedestrian detection; and the S1R turning assistant. For the visual warnings, the turning assistant uses the MirrorCam display, which is installed in the eActros in the place of conventional mirrors.

The second-generation mirror camera system, which has been available since April 2022, is now even better able to support the driver in many situations in road traffic thanks to, among other things, ten centimeters shorter camera arms per side and new image parameters for an even more realistic representation of the surroundings.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks will continue to expand its portfolio of medium-duty battery electric vehicles for distribution transport. The manufacturer is already working intensively on the eAtego, which will be launched to the market in the next few years.


In addition to the eActros tractor, other applications of the eActros can also be experienced at this year’s IAA Transportation 2022. For example, Mercedes-Benz Trucks showcases the all-in-one solution eWorX developed by ZF on an eActros in combination with a hookloader from MEILLER and a skiploader from PALFINGER.

The aim is to efficiently electrify PTOs for operating hydraulic work equipment such as skiploaders, hookloaders, cranes or lifting platforms. The advantage: complete local CO2-neutrality and greatly reduced noise generation, which makes it easier to use in cities and residential areas in particular.

ZF’s eWorX system establishes the connection between the vehicle’s energy management system and body. To enable optimized operational efficiency, eWorX integrates components such as the electric motor, inverter, electronic control unit and application-specific software modules into a plug-and-work one-box solution.


The traction battery of the eActros provides the ZF system eWorX with electrical energy via a DC interface. In turn, the eWorX electric motor drives, for example, the hydraulic pump for the hookloader or skiploader. A mechanical connection to the traction motor is therefore not necessary. eWorX ensures smooth communication between the e-truck and body via a CAN bus interface.

The eActros can also demonstrate its advantages in other body variants, such as a refrigerated box from Kiesling. For greater efficiency, the highly insulated refrigerated body has a cool-slide partition wall, which reduces the energy requirement of the cooling unit powered by the ePTO of the eActros by up to 40 percent and thus extends the range of the electric truck. At the end of use, the structure can also be separated into recyclable materials such as steel, wood, PU foam and aluminium.


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