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At the IAA Transportation show, QUANTRON is presenting a family of hydrogen and battery-electric trucks. As part of a strategic partnership, QUANTRON has developed an FCEV Heavy Duty Truck together with Ballard Power Systems.

The QUANTRON QHM FCEV incorporates the FCmove-XD 120 kW fuel cell newly developed by Ballard and the integrated eGen Power 130D E-axle from Allison Transmission. In addition, QUANTRON offers an optionally available aero package for all QHM FCEV trucks which has been designed to improve the operating range by a further 10%.



As a tractor unit for heavy long-distance transport, the QUANTRON QHM FCEV 44-1000 offers an operating range of around 700 km depending on the load and topographical requirements.

All components, including the 54 kg hydrogen tank, are integrated within the frame structure for maximum everyday suitability, in compliance with legal requirements and without any compromises in the dimensions.


A semitrailer tractor version on the same basis is also available. QUANTRON QHM FCEV 60-2000 and QUANTRON QHM FCEV 44-2000 offer exceptionally large tank capacities of up to 116 kg, which are fully integrated in the chassis and positioned behind the cab. This will enable ranges of up to 1500 km with a single H2 tank filling.

Under the designation QUANTRON QHM FCEV 27-1000, this configuration will also be available as a road train version for long-distance heavy load transports.

QUANTRON also presentedan all-electric heavy-duty truck platform at the IAA Transportation: the QUANTRON QHM BEV is available as the QUANTRON QHM BEV 44-400 tractor unit as well as the QUANTRON QHM BEV 27-400 chassis in a large number of variants. The up to 392 kWh high-voltage battery can be re-charged to provide a performance of up to 350 kW DC has an operating range of up to 350 km depending on weight and topographical requirements. The QUANTRON QHM BEV is already available for order.

For body manufacturers, the vehicles from Quantron AG offer a high degree of standardization and body-friendliness. With a basic vehicle that is known to body manufacturers throughout Europe, many bodies can be installed and used.

Regarding the heavy QUANTRON QHM BEV vehicles in particular, electrification takes place without changing the power take-off technology in the area of “engine-dependent power take-off” or “gearbox-dependent power take-off”. Even the position and installation space of the power take-offs and frame mountings remain the same. As a result, QUANTRON offers body manufacturers an optimal interface and solution.


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