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NGK to provide Sakuu with ceramic battery materials for 3D-printed solid-state batteries

Sakuu, developer of the first 3D printed solid-state battery (earlier post), entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japan’s NGK Spark Plugs CO., LTD. (NGK), a global leader in electrochemical materials and a tier-one industrial automotive supplier. Under the MOU, NGK will co-develop and provide ceramic materials for Sakuu’s solid-state battery production, ranging from ongoing battery material needs at its California pilot-line facility, to at-scale commercialization for its additive manufactured solid-state battery line—anticipated to go to market in 2023.

Utilizing a novel method of additive manufacturing, whereby proprietary technology enables printing of glass, metals, polymer, and ceramic in a single layer, along with proprietary cell chemistry, Sakuu is positioned to deploy at-scale manufacturing of next-generation solid-state batteries—widely considered one of the biggest challenges faced by developers of solid-state batteries.

We are happy to use our 80 years of experience in ceramic materials to collaborate with Sakuu, the clear trailblazer in 3D printing solid-state batteries. Their work is truly impressive, and we look forward to making this industry-leading solid-state battery line into a significant business opportunity for both companies.

—Keiji Suzuki, Executive Officer, NGK R&D division

Sakuu will 3D-print solid-state batteries that are safe, ultra-high energy density, and up to 50% smaller, 30% lighter, and less expensive to produce in high volume than currently available lithium-ion batteries. Further differentiated from other solid-state battery developers, its batteries can be printed in custom shapes and sizes due to the capabilities of its additive manufacturing platform.



It's the first time that i am interrested to buy a battery.


This might work.
Working with NGK and Japanese auto manufacturer Musashi Seimitsu, Sakuu could build 3D-printed solid-state batteries for low end EV applications like motorcycles and small vehicles. This approach looks like a good venture now that Honda and a large group of motorcycle manufacturers are trying to standardize swappable batteries. This would be similar to the solid state battery that Gogoro and ProLogium are using in Taiwan.

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