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Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team trial of HVO100 for European land freight reduces CO2 emissions by 89%

The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team recently concluded a trial in the use of biofuels in 16 Mercedes Actros Gigaspace race trucks for the final three races of the European season.


As part of the drive to further reduce CO2 emissions and achieve verified Net Zero by 2030, the trial was designed to understand the level of carbon saving and positive impact that can be achieved using biofuels, as well as the sourcing challenges across Europe, to assist the development of a strategy to maximize the use of sustainable fuels for the 2023 European races.

The trial took place between the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa, the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort and the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, a distance of approximately 1400 kms. Analysis conducted after the trial concluded has shown that the use of HVO 100 biofuel saved 44,091kg CO2 and reduced freight emissions by 89%.

One of the team’s trucks was initially tested and successfully powered by HVO100 biofuel from the Hungarian Grand Prix back to headquarters in Brackley, UK. Following this journey, 13 race trucks which spent the summer shutdown in Belgium and three trucks from the UK, used locally sourced biofuel to travel 300km from Spa to Zandvoort and then 1100km from Zandvoort to Monza, with only the final 20km requiring the use of diesel fuel due to supply challenges.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO 100) fuel is a 100% renewable fossil fuel free product derived from vegetable oils, waste oils and fats. The use of HVO100 can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of freight on local air quality by reducing NOx and particulate emissions.



OK, nice for a demo, but how much of this stuff can you realistically produce and what will be the cost in terms of fossil based fertilizer etc.


Interesting report for 2022.
From 2023, Mercedes-AMG F1 will use the new e-Actros to transport the material in Europe, the USA and Asia.
Exceptions will only be a few countries without infrastructure for EV trucks!

I think it's very good that Mercedes-Truck is trying to reduce pollutants, and the e-Actros is doing that perfectly.
So I see Mercedes-AMG F1 as a pioneer for ecological transport.

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