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LiveWire readies production version of S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle; reservations open

LiveWire is opening reservations for the production version of the all-electric S2 Del Mar motorcycle, the first LiveWire model to feature the new ARROW architecture, and the first bike to sit next to the LiveWire ONE—the company’s flagship electric motorcycle. (Earlier post.)

The production S2 Del Mar will deliver immediately after the Launch Edition, which sold out this past May in 18 minutes.


Priority delivery will be given to customers with confirmed reservations, which can be placed at livewire.com for expected delivery in the spring of 2023. The Del Mar Launch Edition models will feature 3 colors; Pacific Gray, Nightfall Blue, and Asphalt Black at an MSRP of $16,999.

Performance highlights include expected outcomes at production of output of 80 horsepower (59.6 kW), 184 ft-lb of torque, 75 minute 20%-80% recharge time using L2, and 431 pounds of weight, delivering projected 0-to-60 mph times of 3.1 seconds. Del Mar range in city riding is targeted to be 110 miles.


LiveWire’s scalable ARROW architecture with proprietary battery, motor, charging, and control systems debuts on the Del Mar model and was designed at LiveWire Labs in Mountain View, California. The ARROW architecture is intended to be modular and serves as the central component of the motorcycle chassis.

The newest electric riding experience form LiveWire presents an upright position for a comfortable and controlled riding experience. Equipped with L1 and L2 charging capabilities, over-the-air updates, and a 4" TFT LCD display, the riding is immediately different and instantly familiar as LiveWire. The 10.5 kWh pack that powers the bike is the central component of the Arrow architecture, and first clean sheet, in-house design from LiveWire. Complete performance highlights and equipment specifications will be published at the time of retail launch.

All LiveWire S2 Del Mar motorcycles will be assembled at Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations in York, PA.



It will be interesting to see how big electric bikes like this sell compared to the much smaller and cheaper ones from India, costing from 90-150 k rupees (~1000 - 1600 usd).
Also, it will be interesting to see how far it can go on the open road.
110 urban miles is one thing, 110 miles at 75 mph is another altogether.
However, if it does your commute (one or both ways), it could be a bit of fun.

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