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Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (VWGoA) announced Port Freeport as the new major Gulf Coast hub for its future vehicle logistics port operations, in collaboration with Port Freeport and developer PRP and KDC. With a 20-year lease agreement, Volkswagen Group of America aims to improve vehicle logistics efficiency further and to increase importation capacities to serve nearly 300 dealers in the United States. The new port facilities are set to be operational in early 2024.


Global carriers offering roll on roll off cargo services at Port Freeport are Hoegh Autoliners, Glovis, Liberty Global Logistics, Sallaum and Grimaldi Lines. Port Freeport’s resident OEM Terminal Operator and partner Amports is a private automotive marine terminal, processor and logistics management company that provides customers a variety of professional and value-added services.

Volkswagen Group of America, Port Freeport and developer KDC aim to break ground on the new location in late 2022 and expect for the facility to be operational in early 2024. Current VWGoA port operations in Houston and Midlothian (TX) will be consolidated into the new hub at Port Freeport.

Developing Port Freeport will enable Volkswagen Group of America to import approximately 140,000 vehicles per year, primarily from its production hubs in Mexico, as well as imports from Europe. Port Freeport will allow utilization of low-emission LNG vessels, supporting Volkswagen Group’s goal to improve the environmental footprint of its global logistics.

Moving Volkswagen Group of America’s major Gulf Coast hub to Port Freeport is part of our network and growth strategy for the United States. We’re continuously working to optimize the business and environmental impact of our logistics operations. Our new hub at Port Freeport will allow us to serve nearly one-third of our US dealer network more efficiently and more sustainably.

—Anu Goel, Executive Vice President, Group After Sales & Services, Volkswagen Group of America

Currently, Volkswagen Group of America relies on eight ports in the US, chosen to optimize distances to its more than 1,000 dealerships and reduce emissions in transportation.

Volkswagen Group of America’s future operations at Port Freeport are anticipated to create 113 jobs directly at the terminal facility plus many more indirectly through related fields such as trucking and rail, vessel unloading, vessel pilots, and more.

JLL, Volkswagen Group of America’s exclusive real estate partner, assisted VWGoA in the site selection process for a consolidated port facility along the Gulf of Mexico.

Port Freeport is located approximately 60 miles south of Houston, Texas and is accessible via state highway 36, and highway 288. Port Freeport is an independent governmental body authorized by an act of the Texas Legislature in 1925.


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