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The Cellforce Group and Dürr have jointly commissioned a high-tech coating facility for high-performance battery cells in Bietigheim-Bissingen. The Cellforce Group, a joint venture of Porsche and battery specialist CUSTOMCELLS, successfully built up the mass production process for coating its electrodes over the past twelve months, relying on the knowledge, technology, and direct proximity to machinery and plant manufacturer Dürr.

The Cellforce Group (CFG) is using a process from Dürr that enables both sides of the electrode to be coated simultaneously. In this way, the coating process can be accelerated and the precision and quality significantly increased when compared to the standard procedure.

In conventional processes, the anode and cathode materials are not applied simultaneously but rather one after the other on both sides of a thin metal foil.

The technology for the double-sided electrode coating was developed by Dürr’s US subsidiary Megtec, which was acquired in 2018. (Earlier post.)


To commission and establish the process successfully, the Cellforce Group has been on site at Dürr in Bietigheim-Bissingen for several months and has implemented production on a factory line.

The Cellforce Group is currently building a development and production site for battery cells in the Reutlingen-Kirchentellinsfurt industrial park. Once this new site is completed, the production processes set up at Dürr can be taken over and continued directly. To ensure sustainable operation of the coating line, Dürr is also supplying equipment for exhaust air purification and the recovery of more than 99% of the solvents used.

Cellforce Group GmbH (CFG) plans to develop and produce high-performance lithium-ion pouch cells for special automotive applications from 2024. Cellforce is a joint venture in which Porsche AG holds a 72.7% stake, with the remaining shares held by CUSTOMCELLS Holding GmbH. The managing directors are Markus Gräf as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Wolfgang Hüsken as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The workforce is expected to grow to up to 100 people by 2025.


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