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Fermata Energy’s FE-20 V2X bidirectional DC fast charger available Q1 2023

Fermata Energy announced the upcoming release of its second V2X bidirectional charger, the FE-20. With multiple commercial projects already successfully deployed with its FE-15 bidirectional charger, Fermata Energy is adding a second commercial charger option with the FE-20 to meet the increasing demand for V2X installations. V2X includes vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-building (V2B) projects.

The FE-20 is made exclusively for Fermata Energy by Heliox.

The FE-20 pairs with Fermata Energy’s proprietary V2X software platform, which sends fleet operators advance notice about opportunities to earn revenue. The FE-20 bidirectional charger (CHAdeMO) is a profit center that is comparable in cost to quality, commercial “traditional” chargers, which are cost centers to organizations with EV fleets.


Sample technical details of the FE-20 include:

  • North America, 3-Phase 5-Wire grid port

  • CHAdeMO and CHAdeMO V2H/L

  • 20 kW for both charging and discharging

  • UL certification pending

Fermata Energy is taking pre-orders for the FE-20 from fleet owners and operators for Q1 2023 delivery.

Fermata’s FE-15 is the first bidirectional charger to receive UL certification and the only one approved for use in the US by Nissan as not impacting the Nissan LEAF battery warranty.


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