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FREYR Battery has entered into an agreement with Aleees, the Taiwan-based lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) cathode battery material manufacturer. The agreement, which includes ongoing services and support from Aleees, provides FREYR with a worldwide license to produce and sell LFP cathode material based on Aleees’ technology, and to build production facilities leveraging Aleees’ industrial expertise.

FREYR anticipates that the agreement will enable FREYR to meet the future LFP cathode material needs of the Giga Arctic battery production facility in Mo i Rana, Norway. Volumes could furthermore be deployed to FREYR’s planned Giga America project in the US.

Aleees offers complete LFP cathode battery material manufacturing technology and related patents to customers, primarily within the energy storage and EV battery spaces. Through the license and services agreement, FREYR has obtained non-exclusive rights to use Aleees’ technology and production methodology related to active LFP cathode material.

FREYR previously announced plans to establish an LFP cathode plant in the Nordic region with the ambition to commence production in 2024, coinciding with the anticipated ramp-up of operations from Giga Arctic. Establishing a Nordic LFP cathode supply chain is expected to bring strong economic benefits to FREYR and the Nordic region based on localized and decarbonized production and transportation of raw materials to battery cell manufacturing facilities.

FREYR is also in initial discussions with other 24M licensing partners for the potential sale of LFP material produced by FREYR which could enable value creating opportunities through further upscaled and decarbonized production facilities.

There is high global demand at present for active cathode material in general and LFP material in particular. By consummating this licensing agreement with Aleees, FREYR is well-positioned to achieve speed and scale of LFP cathode production for our Giga Arctic battery manufacturing plant and beyond. Aleees is one of the best-established LFP cathode producers outside of mainland China and is recognized for their world-class production technology. FREYR should derive an advantage by accessing the knowledge and capabilities of the Aleees team to help FREYR build a strong, localized supply chain for high quality raw materials.

—Dr. Tilo Hauke, EVP of Supply Chain Management, FREYR

Aleees is an approved supplier of LFP cathode material to 24M Technologies, FREYR’s US-based partner. 24M’s SemiSolid technology platform features a larger and thicker electrode design that is intended to deliver higher energy density per volumetric unit while also reducing production costs.

Earlier this year, we announced our intention to explore opportunities with Aleees as a potential partner for LFP cathode development. With the licensing agreement now signed, I’m pleased to say that we are in a solid position to keep momentum on our journey to localize and decarbonize battery cell production and their supply chains in the Nordic region.

LFP cathode materials comprise 40% or more of the cost of a battery cell and currently account for more than 45% of the projected full-cycle supply chain carbon footprint of cells. Through this agreement and in cooperation with Aleees, FREYR is positioned to become a low-cost and low-carbon producer of LFP cathode material. We are honored and pleased to add Aleees to our continuously growing list of leading partners in the sustainable battery value chain.

—Tom Einar Jensen, REYR’s Co-Founder and CEO

Aleees, founded in 2005 with main office and factory located in Taiwan, is a lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery material manufacturer with longest history as well as an IP licensor in the world, and is also one of the few companies outside China with complete LFP battery material manufacturing technology and patents. Aleees Taiwan owns more than 120 exclusive patents worldwide, with customers including energy storage battery and EV battery customers across Europe, US, Japan, Korea, and Asia.

At present Aleees co-develops various types of LFP and LFMP products with more than 40 global customers, and produces high-quality, low-cost, and long-life cycle LFP cathode materials. In the 17 years since its establishment, it has accumulated more than 15,000 tons of LFP product shipments entirely from its Taiwan facility.


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