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Alpine, the exclusive sports car brand of the Renault Group, has unveiled the Alpenglow concept as a showcase for a clean emissions future that is within reach for tomorrow’s racing cars and future Alpine vehicle generations. The car is equipped with a hydrogen-fueled internal-combustion engine.


Alpines says that Alpenglow is its first step on the path to sustainable solutions for clean mobility. Mobility will combine carbon-neutral systems, tapping into the natural complementarity between vehicles running on an electric battery (BEVs), vehicles running on a fuel cell (FCEVs) and vehicles with hybrid internal-combustion engines using a sustainable fuel—possibly green hydrogen.


This is why Alpine is looking into a technology that could prefigure the brand’s racing and roadgoing cars. A hybrid hydrogen internal-combustion engine is environmentally-friendly and comes with the driving pleasure that this technology provides.

With its two cylindrical hydrogen tanks at 700 bar, Alpenglow is as lightweight as the rest of the brand’s cars, and treats drivers to the ultimate experience as well as clean emissions.

To develop this technology, Alpine is leveraging expertise from the Renault Group entities that have built a full ecosystem revolving around hydrogen, which includes HYVIA (earlier post). Alongside the Formula 1 Grand Prix in France last July, the BWT Alpine F1 Team and HYVIA announced plans to enter into a partnership to invest together in state-of-the-art technologies and the transition to sustainable mobility.



That is not what i ordered. I want just an ice engine with no hybrid battery to reduce cost to 17 000$ approx. This is a low volume deluxe car that will not help the climate at all.


Aren't you the cheerleader for "gold" hydrogen?

Have a nice hot cup of STFU, Gorr.


This is all obsolete chassis and engine tech just like F1 (former fan), as proven by Tesla and the McMurtry Speirling. Formula E also needs to catch up with the McMurtry Speirling.

Bernard Harper

The Hydrogen Science Coalition has demonstrated why these designs cannot work. They are dirty hydrogen projects dressed up to look clean and are a vast distraction from reality. Nice penwork tho!

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