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Sylvatex (SVX) and Forge Nano signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the use of Forge Nano’s proprietary atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating technology on Sylvatex proprietary cathode active materials (CAMs).

Sylvatex has developed and is commercializing a lithium-ion battery cathode production technology that uses a sustainable, waterless manufacturing process. Sylvatex recently secured Series A funding of $8.4 million. (Earlier post.)

To meet increasing EV demands, about 100 additional CAM plants (or 5 million additional tons) will need to be in production by 2032. Today’s cathode production methods would require $200 billion in manufacturing capital deployed and 20 billion gallons of water consumed annually—the equivalent water use of 182,000 American homes. SVX’s new method eliminates water use while delivering substantial cost reductions and using 80% less energy.

The collaboration with Forge Nano facilitates the delivery of next-generation Li-ion battery CAM at a commercial scale in North America.

ALD coatings on CAMs prevent unwanted chemical reactions, unlocking higher capacity, longer life, improved safety, faster charging, and a reduced cost over incumbent coating technologies.

Batteries using ALD-stabilized CAMs consistently demonstrate improved performance for every application, including more than 40,000 cycles in aerospace, faster charging electric vehicles, and long calendar-life grid-scale energy storage.

ALD also requires significantly less energy than incumbent technologies, and the combination with Sylvatex’s capability to produce cathode active materials with reduced cost, capital, and carbon intensity will enable the production of cost- and climate-friendly high-performance materials for battery production.

Combining the improved performance enabled by ALD coatings with SVX’s waterless cathode technology that produces CAMs at a 25% reduction in CAM cost and a 40% reduction in plant capital requirements over conventional processing. Using less energy and water will overcome the problems of cathode manufacturing that limit battery manufacturers and OEMs today.

—Mel Luetkens, SVX’s Chief Technology Officer

Forge Nano’s proprietary technology and manufacturing processes make angstrom-thick coatings fast, affordable, and commercially viable for various materials, applications, and industries. The suite of ALD and Particle ALD (PALD) equipment and services covers the spectrum from lab-scale tools to commercial-scale manufacturing. Over the past few years, Forge Nano has received major support and signed meaningful partnerships with Volkswagen, LG Technology Ventures, Mitsui Kinzoku, Air Liquide, and Sumitomo Corporation of Americas.


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