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European Energy receives €53M financing for Power-to-X e-methanol plant in Kassø

European Energy’s upcoming Power-to-X-facility (PtX-facility) in Kassø will be the largest e-methanol facility in the world to date. The Danish Green Investment Fund (DGIF) has now agreed to provide financing of €53 million to the total investment of the facility. Danish bank Jyske Bank is also co-financing.

The PtX facility will deliver the first fuel for the world’s first containership running on e-methanol. European Energy signed an agreement with Maersk in August 2021. The agreement stipulates that European Energy will deliver 10,000 tonnes of carbon neutral e-methanol that Maersk’s first vessel with the ability to operate on green e-methanol will consume annually.

The future PtX facility is supplied with renewable energy from the nearby Kassø Solar Park, which European Energy has developed and built. The solar park is to date the largest solar park in Northern Europe with a capacity of 300 MW. This corresponds to the solar park being able to supply 75,000 Danish households with green electricity.



I dream of a full sized sport sedan with a real 50 mile plug in range with the AC roaring in Texas summer heat. So about 25kwh in a ultra safe Blade type LiFePO4 pack that simply cannot catch fire. Back that up with a 2cyl high compression attkins cycle engine that is 15:1+ compression ratio so alcohols only. Make it M100,E98/85, and Hydros ethanol HE96 ready. Run that little 2cyl at its peak BTE just to charge the pack then shut down again. Make the M100 from wind, and charge the pack via home mounted solar panels. Longer trips are M100 fueled in the ICE engine at 45+% Efficiency M100 should give about 30mpg even at $6 gallon for methanol made from wind power it would be a good deal since 99% of driving would be off the solar panels the M100 is needed only once a month for trips to the coast or mountains out west.


You're dreaming, dude.  Wind has NOWHERE near the power density or reliability to power what you want.  Only nuclear does.

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