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TeraWatt Infrastructure is developing the first network of high-powered charging centers for heavy-duty and medium-duty electric trucks along the Interstate 10 (I-10) highway, stretching from the Port of Long Beach - Los Angeles, California to the El Paso, Texas area. By investing in the necessary charging infrastructure, TeraWatt is enabling and accelerating the transition to zero-emission long-haul freight.


The I-10 Electric Corridor will consist of multiple facilities, called TeraWatt Charging Centers, that will be spread across California, Arizona, and New Mexico. TeraWatt Charging Centers will be purpose-built to serve heavy-duty and medium-duty electric fleets, featuring dozens of direct current (DC) fast chargers, pull-through charging stalls, on-site driver amenities, and reliable operations including resiliency generation and zero carbon electricity options.

TeraWatt will offer access to these sites both for the purposes of long-haul and local electric trucking operations.

The TeraWatt Charging Centers are located approximately 150 miles apart to support the mileage range of commercially available electric trucks. These sites are located less than one mile from the nearest highway exit for ease of access, and range in size between four to 100 acres, depending on location.

TeraWatt will operate and maintain its Charging Centers to the highest standards of reliability as well as incorporate advanced technology as commercially appropriate, such as battery-backed renewable energy and megawatt charging stations. TeraWatt is partnering with local and state governments and utilities, and plans to leverage various grants and incentives, which will provide additional benefits to charging customers.


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