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Hillcrest Energy Technologies, a developer of power conversion technologies and control system solutions for next-generation electrical systems (earlier post), signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a global Tier 1 automotive leader in mobility innovation.

According to the terms of the MOU, Hillcrest and the supplier will collaborate to integrate an optimized version of Hillcrest’s 250-kilowatt (kW), 800-Volt (V) inverter into a future powertrain system. The joint project is expected to run through 2023.


Hillcrest’s 250 kW continuous, 350 kW peak, 800 V nominal, 1,000 V peak SiC inverter prototype has an estimated volume of 6.5 liters and anticipated power density of ± 50 kW/L.

Throughout the process, Hillcrest and this new partner will test a series of configurations with the end goal of commercializing a nominal 350kW product that takes advantage of Hillcrest’s unique and highly efficient inverter. The adaptable nature of Hillcrest’s technology allows a high level of optimization and seamless integration with the supplier’s future product.

Hillcrest’s inverter technology is designed to be smaller, lighter and more powerful than currently available inverters. By leveraging higher switching frequencies and soft switching capabilities, Hillcrest’s inverter technology has been shown in product testing to reduce losses and to improve inverter efficiency, performance and reliability.

Hillcrest’s 250kW, 800V Silicon Carbide (SiC) commercial inverter prototype uses these benefits to improve performance of the full system. Optimized versions of this inverter can be deployed in a variety of power systems, from commercial and industrial electric transport to grid-tied renewable energy and storage.

The company expects these systems to deliver increased efficiency, performance, payload and reliability while decreasing overall weight, complexity and cost.

This is the second MOU Hillcrest has announced this month. These combined opportunities are a tangible demonstration of customer interest in our inverter technology as well as our ability to move quickly into the next phase of the commercialization process.

—Hillcrest CEO Don Currie


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