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PUNCH and Tecnogen present hydrogen-engine generator with integrated F1-derived flywheel system

PUNCH Group and Tecnogen (part of Bruno Generators Group) is presenting a hydrogen engine generator with an integrated flywheel system at bauma. A hydrogen engine by PUNCH Hydrocells is combined with a Flywheel Power System by PUNCH Flybrid. These components are integrated into a generator set developed in collaboration with Tecnogen.


The PUNCH hydrogen engine is able to achieve a maximum power of 250kW at 3000 rpm in marine, mobile off-highway as well as on-highway applications. This specific power of 38 kW per Liter has been achieved with port fuel injection combined with an innovative PUNCH combustion system for high efficiency.

In the generator application it achieves a 100kW (Prime Rated Power - PRP) at 1500 rpm and 110 kW (PRP) at 1800rpm. The hydrogen engine is controlled by a proprietary PUNCH control unit.

Appealing product cost versus other green technologies, capability to operate at heavy duty conditions in harsh environments and tolerance to low purity hydrogen are key advantages.

Originally developed for Formula One Racing, PUNCH Flybrid products now enable generator set downsizing for dynamic applications such as tower cranes, chillers, rock sizers, hoists, mast climbers and pumps. The flywheel system boosts the peak performance and significantly improves the load response of the generator. As a result, fuel & emission savings of more than 50% are achieved in dynamic applications. If combined with hydrogen technology, the emissions are reduced close to zero, supporting the efforts of the construction industry to reach Net Zero.


PUNCH Flybrid flywheel KERS for LMP1 car

The Tecnogen generator is characterized by the use of VSi (Variable Speed Inverter) technology, recognized with European patent n. 2754872, and for the robustness and compactness typical of the Tecnogen FUSTEQ series.

This technology allows a significant reduction in consumption as well as a low noise level.

The generator is equipped with a DSE8610MKII control unit for synchronising & load sharing and therefore can be synchronized with up to 32 other generators. It delivers a power of 105kVA (PRP) at 50Hz and 120kVA at 60Hz.


Bernard Harper

Where are they going to source the green hydrogen? And how do they reduce NOX to get ''close to zero??''

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