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2020 truck travel between states was highest from New York to New Jersey

The 2020 NextGen National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) data show that there were more truck trips that year originating in New York with a destination in New Jersey than any other state to state origin-destination (OD) pair (29.3 million trips).

The Federal Highway Administration began the NextGen NHTS to complement their household travel survey data with continuous travel monitoring, which allows both passenger and truck data to be displayed.


Intra-zonal and intra-state trips were excluded. NextGen NHTS truck data are passively collected via in-vehicle and smartphone applications. US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, NextGen Origin-Destination Data Products

The truck OD data include 1.6 billion annualized interstate truck trips including both local delivery truck and long-haul truck trips. This newly released dataset includes OD data on 583 zones in the United States.



And that's wht the Cross Bronx is a parking lot.


So, a long range isn't a required specification for trucks running this route; perfect fit for electric trucks.

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