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Nissan establishes new mobility service company in China; robotaxi services

Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (NCIC) has established Nissan Mobility Service Co., Ltd., a dedicated mobility service company, as part of its efforts to continue transforming its business in China. The new company, headquartered in Suzhou, will be committed to investing in mobility services and deploying robotaxi services.

By working with the Suzhou High-Speed Rail New Town, it will support intelligent transport initiatives in the country.

Nissan has a strong foundation in electrification for mobility services, a cornerstone of the company’s long-term strategy in China. Nissan is among the first international OEMs to establish a dedicated robotaxi company in China.

WeRide, an autonomous and mobility service company that develops Level 4 autonomous driving technologies and that has a successful mobility service history in Guangzhou, will provide technology support to the Suzhou project.


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