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With the Porsche 99X Electric Gen3, Porsche heads into a new era of Formula E. The electric racing car, which underwent an evolution in the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, celebrated its world premiere in the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, Italy. It will be fielded by the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship from the 2023 season.

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The Mexico City E-Prix on 14 January 2023 will be the first race for the Porsche 99X Electric Gen3.

The new Gen3 cars such as the Porsche 99X Electric Gen3 are the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric racing cars ever built. The overall concept of the Porsche 99X Electric Gen3 and the other vehicles of the new Formula E generation constitute a major evolutionary step. The vehicles have shed weight and feature a shorter wheelbase and narrower track. While the battery has shrunk in size, it is more powerful. The proportion of recuperative energy has grown. The aerodynamics and design have also undergone modifications. All in all, the new vehicles are more agile, which also improves performance on the racetrack.


The intention behind the new Gen3 cars is to set new benchmarks in motorsport in terms of performance, efficiency and sustainability—the goal stated by the world automobile association FIA and Formula E. For its fourth season in Formula E, Porsche has developed the new Porsche 99X Electric Gen3, which, like other Gen3 cars, distinguishes itself from previous vehicles in many areas. The main differences:

  • Performance: The performance of the new Gen3 vehicles increases from 250 to 350 kW (476 hp).

  • Powertrain: Developed in-house by Porsche Motorsport with a maximum drive power of 350 kW on the rear axle—100 kW more than the predecessor generation (Gen2).

  • Brakes: The new front powertrain adds 250 kW to the 350 kW at the rear, resulting in energy recovery with an output of up to 600 kW—more than double the regenerative capability of the Gen2 vehicles. Additional fraction brake controlled by a brake-by-wire unit.

  • Efficiency: The electric motor achieves about 95 percent power efficiency compared to around 40 percent for an internal combustion engine. More than 40 percent of the energy used is recuperated via regenerative braking.

  • Charging capability: The new ultra-high-speed charging capacity of the Gen3 vehicles should add around 600kW of energy during the race. This means that the chargers of the new Formula E generation would be almost twice as powerful as the world’s most advanced commercial chargers. Moreover, the fast-charge technology should guarantee a consistently high battery performance.

  • Sustainability: According to the component manufacturer, the battery cells in the new Gen3 cars are made from sustainably sourced minerals. After every race season, the battery cells should be reused or recycled. For the construction of the carbon fibre bodywork, the manufacturer states that recycled carbon fibre is used from retired Gen2 vehicles. This should reduce the carbon footprint of production by more than ten percent. To determine measures that can help reduce environmental impact, the carbon footprint of new Formula E vehicles is measured from the very start of the design phase. All unavoidable emissions will be offset as part of Formula E’s net zero carbon commitment.



I would like to see F1 and FE converge into something like the McMurtry Spéirling to really be more relevant and technology innovating for commercial automotive sports cars. F1 is really now an evolution into irrelevance, which is sad to say as a former fan. Passing/overtaking is always going to be diminished with the inefficient wing and even the much better ground effects compared to vacuum down force cars.


A tiny H2 ICE could make nice noise for those that want that, but ditch the wings please. Fancy paint would be enough. The McMurtry Spéirling has a lot of advertising space.

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