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Archer and United Airlines announce first commercial electric air taxi route in the US

Archer Aviation and United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) announced their first airport-to-city-center route between United’s hub at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and New York City. The Downtown Manhattan Heliport, located just above Battery Park on Pier 6, has been confirmed as the first planned takeoff and landing site as part of Archer’s broader plan to launch an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) network across the New York Metropolitan Area. The goal of Archer’s electric air taxi network is to provide passengers with safe, quick, quiet and cost-effective transportation to and from EWR.


Archer’s proposed Manhattan to EWR route marks the first specific route that has been announced in the eVTOL industry. United’s hub at EWR is ideally located to serve Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs, as well as communities in New Jersey.

Archer estimates the journey from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to EWR will take less than 10 minutes via its all-electric Midnight aircraft, a low-noise, sustainable and safe alternative to helicopters. (Earlier post.) A similar journey by car can take upwards of an hour or more during rush hour traffic.

Archer’s early launch routes will provide airport to city center transportation service, which it refers to as “trunk” routes. Once these primary trunk routes have been established, Archer will begin building out “branch” routes to connect to surrounding communities. The first phase of this UAM network is targeted for launch in 2025.



OK, so it can carry 4 passengers from Newark to downtown Manhattan.
Big deal, but it won't solve anything. You want one that can carry 50 - 100 passengers. (An Mi26 would do, but maybe too noisy).

And, IMO it might want to be a hybrid as I doubt you'll get enough power and energy from batteries.

Albert E Short

Also, Newark has a decent train link to the far more central Penn Station already. I'd say this is more of a demo thing. Also, "A similar journey by car [EWR to Wall ST] can take upwards of an hour or more during rush hour traffic"? Same is true for 8th Ave to 3rd Ave!


Yes, trains are what you want (underground or otherwise). And if you can't get around to trains, use buses.


Why is it so often left to comment-posters to state the obvious ? Yes of course and obviously in any civilized advanced country a major airport should be connected by frequent public transport links to the nearest city - especially a city like New York. Metros, Underground networks and buses with traffic-jam avoiding bus-lanes. Is that not the case in and around New York in the year 2022 ? If not - why on Earth not?
Paul G



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