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The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $73.9 million in funding for 10 projects to advance technologies and processes for electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling and reuse. With demand for critical battery minerals, such as lithium and graphite, projected to increase by as much as 4,000% in the coming decades, this latest round of funding supports the recycling and reuse segment of the domestic battery supply chain.


Leveraged with recipient cost share, this funding will help to provide more than $126 million.

Advanced batteries are vital to the entire clean energy economy, but the US currently does not produce enough of the critical minerals and battery materials needed to power clean energy technologies. If unaddressed, the lack of domestic mining, processing, and recycling capacity will hinder clean energy and transportation development and adoption, leaving the nation dependent on unreliable foreign supply chains, the DOE said.

The new funding will support research and development projects to address:

  1. Advanced Materials Separation, Scale-Up, and Reintegration for Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling for the Battery Supply Chain; and

  2. Second Life Scale-Up Demonstration Projects.

Awards include:

Project Applicant Federal Cost share
Advanced Separation and Processing Technologies for Enhanced Product Recovery and Improved Water Utilization, Cost Reduction, and Environmental Impact of an Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling System American Battery Technology Company $9,999,378
Novel Integrated End-to-End Processing of End-of-Life EV Batteries for Remanufacturing of New EV Cells Cirba Solutions $7,424,242
MW-Scale Swappable and Reusable Second-Use EV Battery Energy Storage Unit for Maximum Cost-Effectiveness Element Energy $7,888,476
Supplying Refined Battery Materials into the United States Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain by Synergizing Lithium-ion Battery Recycling with Mine Waste Reclamation Michigan Technological University $8,137,783
An Environmentally Sustainable Solution to Completely Recycle and Upcycle Lithium-Ion Battery Components Princeton NuEnergy $10,000,000
Second Life Battery Microgrid Demonstration Enabled by Advanced State of Health Tracking RePurpose Energy $6,000,000
Low-Cost and Scalable Second Use Battery Demonstration in Central California for Equitable Domestic Manufacturing and Job Growth Smartville Inc $5,999,525
Second-life Battery in Mobile EV Charging Application for Rural Transportation (SMART) Tennessee Technological University $4,531,642
Development and Scaling Up of the Purification and Regeneration Integrated Materials Engineering (PRIME) Process for Cathodes Direct Recycling and Upcycling UC San Diego $10,000,000
Adaptive Second-Use Battery Utilization with Different Degradation Levels for EV Charging Stations and Power Grid Support and Resiliency The University of Alabama $4,000,000


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